Mid County Seniors – Try the Online Hearing Test from Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur

It can be hard for us as Southeast Texas seniors to admit when need help with our hearing. Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands. It’s easier to just turn the TV or radio up. For a while. While that may be easier for us, it is not always easier on those around us. If we are comfortable with the TV on “50” and our spouse can hear fine with it on “15”, they are pretty uncomfortable when we are blasting the volume. It also takes some of... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior hearing loss- Get in the Hearing Loop by Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur TX

For Southeast Texas seniors with hearing loss, life can be harder than it has to be. Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands- and they have solutions. Have you heard about hearing loops? They are just one new technology that you can get from Trinity Hearing and Balance, the Nederland Tx hearing aid specialists. Imagine you’re at the airport. There are lots of delays and confusion begins for everyone. Everyone else that is.  You have a high tech hearing aid from... Read More

Port Arthur Sertoma Club Golf Tournament for Hearing. Belle Oaks Golf Club – April 11th

The Port Arthur Sertoma Club is hosting their 2014 Golf  Tournament for Hearing and Speech Disabilities on April 11th. This is their 25th annual tournament! This annual event has been a key fundraiser for allowing the Sertoma Club of Port Arthur to achieve their primary mission: As many of our Southeast Texas Seniors have experienced hearing loss, we appreciate all that the Sertoma Club of Port Arthur does for our community. The Sertoma Club of Port Arthur has provided no cost... Read More


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