Mid County Seniors – Try the Online Hearing Test from Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur

It can be hard for us as Southeast Texas seniors to admit when need help with our hearing. Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands. It’s easier to just turn the TV or radio up. For a while. While that may be easier for us, it is not always easier on those around us. If we are comfortable with the TV on “50” and our spouse can hear fine with it on “15”, they are pretty uncomfortable when we are blasting the volume. It also takes some of... Read More

Southeast Texas Seniors: Don’t miss out on the important sounds of your life – by Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur

Hearing loss can be tough for Southeast Texas seniors. Trinity Hearing and Balance, the Port Arthur hearing aid specialists, understands. Trinity Hearing and Balance has solutions for Southeast Texas seniors suffering from hearing loss. Have you noticed the symptoms of hearing loss? Conversations going unheard Volume settings on electronics pushed to the max Constantly asking speakers to repeat themselves These are all common signs of hearing loss in Southeast Texas seniors. Hearing... Read More

SETX Seniors & hearing loss, you aren’t alone – by Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur TX

Trinity Hearing and Balance is dedicated to treating Southeast Texas Seniors suffering from hearing loss – and they have a great record of restoring hearing for Golden Triangle Seniors.  Southeast Texas seniors over age 65, benefit from getting their hearing checked. Many Golden Triangle seniors lose their hearing slowly as they age. 1 in 3 Americans between ages 65 and 74 has a hearing problem. 1 in 2 Americans over age 75 has a hearing problem. If you have hearing loss,... Read More

Southeast Texas Seniors with Hearing Loss Report Poor Perception of Health by Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur

Today’s spotlight on Southeast Texas hearing loss looks at the effect hearing loss has on other areas of a Golden Triangle Senior’s health. Today’s message is sponsored by Trinity Hearing and Balance Center in Port Arthur. Hearing Loss is a chronic condition that affects nearly 2 of every 3 Southeast Texas seniors aged 70 years or older. Hearing loss has broader implications for older Southeast Texas seniors, being independently associated with poorer cognitive... Read More


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