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It can be hard for us as Southeast Texas seniors to admit when need help with our hearing. Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur understands.

It’s easier to just turn the TV or radio up. For a while.

While that may be easier for us, it is not always easier on those around us.

If we are comfortable with the TV on “50” and our spouse can hear fine with it on “15”, they are pretty uncomfortable when we are blasting the volume.

It also takes some of the fun out of talking with us. When our friends and loved ones have to repeat the punch lines, the joke isn’t as funny. When people , even other Mid County Seniors, have to repeat things to us over and over, sometimes it just isn’t worth it to them.

I picture them thinking, “Why don’t you get a hearing aid already?”.

It can be hard to admit that we need a hearing aid – it’s one of those things that seems to mean “I’m getting old”.

Maybe we’re just looking at it wrong.

We can take needing a hearing aid as meaning other things, like:

  • My hearing loss probably came from all of those years in the Port Arthur refineries- putting food on my family’s table, paying for my kids to go to college and taking family trips. My hearing loss is a reminder that I was a good provider for my family.
  • My hearing loss could have come from being young when rock and roll was born. I was there for The Big Bopper, Janis, and ZZ Top before the rest of the world knew who they were.
  • My hearing loss definitely could have come from hunting with my father or with my own children. How many years did we shoot ducks, dove, and even quail before they became so scarce? Good times.

As Mid County seniors, our hearing loss can be a reminder of good times.

We can wear it like a badge of honor, “I was there. I did things.”

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Once we make up our minds to check out hearing aids, the technology is amazing. You can hear better at 70 than you ever did at 30. They even can digitally tune into devices like your TV, so you can hear perfectly.

I understand if you’re not quite ready, and so does our Mid County hearing specialist, Trinity Hearing and Balance.

To help us out, they do have a quick hearing quiz on their website.

It’s just sixteen questions. You can take the hearing quiz, faster than reading this article.

If you think you might be ready to talk to someone about your hearing loss, take the Trinity Hearing and Balance quiz.

Should you decide the time is right, you’ll really appreciate Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur. Nice. Efficient. Experts.

They’ll get you exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

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Address: Trinity Hearing and Balance. 7980 Anchor Dr in Port Arthur.

Phone: (409) 727-4327

Trinity Hearing and Balance Port Arthur on the Web.

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