9/11 in Beaumont Tx – Don’t Miss the Special Commemorative Exhibit at The Fire Museum of Texas

This year commemorate 9/11 at The Fire Museum of Texas. They have brought a special exhibit to downtown Beaumont all the way from The State Museum of New York in Albany. The Exhibit is “September 11, 2001 A Timeline”. The exhibit recreates the events of September 11th as they impacted New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. The exhibit is the perfect forum for remembering 9/11 in Southeast Texas this year. Come downtown and enjoy the exhibit and all that The Fire Museum... Read More

Beaumont Senior News – The Fire Museum of Texas is Hosting 9/11 A Timeline Through September 30th

Today’s Beaumont Senior News features the special exhibit “9/11 A Timeline” at The Fire Museum of Texas. The exhibit faithfully chronicles the events of September 11th 2001 as they unfolded at The Pentagon, The World Trade Center, and over the Pennsylvania skies. The exhibit, on loan from The State Museum of New York, gives SETX seniors the opportunity to both pay their respects to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to get a better understanding of the fateful day. This... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Tourism News: Fire Museum of Texas to Host 9/11 A Timeline Exhibit from the State Museum of New York

On today’s Southeast Texas Senior Tourism News, we look at a special 9/11 exhibit coming to the Fire Museum of Texas in Beaumont. In Southeast Texas, 9/11 is a time for reflection. We remember all of the innocent Americans who lost their lives that day. This year, revisit for a moment, the unforeseen tragedy that unfolded on 9/11 2001. The State Museum of New York has created a special timeline recreating the events as they unfolded in New York City and at The Pentagon in Washington... Read More

Southeast Texas Senior Outing: Neches River Adventures

One great Southeast Texas Senior Outing is a river cruise in “The Ivory Bill” for their Neches River Adventures. SETX Senior fun abounds aboard the Ivory Bill as it cruises this amazing Southeast Texas waterway. Seniors enjoy learning about the unique ecosystems along the Neches River with their dense bottomland forests of hardwoods and pine trees. The Neches River Bottoms are home to more than 200 tree species, 47 mammals, 300 birds and many reptiles and amphibians. Reservations... Read More


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