9/11 in Beaumont Tx – Don’t Miss the Special Commemorative Exhibit at The Fire Museum of Texas

This year commemorate 9/11 at The Fire Museum of Texas. They have brought a special exhibit to downtown Beaumont all the way from The State Museum of New York in Albany. The Exhibit is “September 11, 2001 A Timeline”. The exhibit recreates the events of September 11th as they impacted New York City, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania. The exhibit is the perfect forum for remembering 9/11 in Southeast Texas this year. Come downtown and enjoy the exhibit and all that The Fire Museum... Read More

September 11th Beaumont Tx – Fire Museum of Texas Hosts “9/11 A Timeline”

This year, remember September 11th by visiting a special exhibit hosted by Beaumont’s Fire Museum of Texas. The Fire Museum of Texas has long celebrated the legacies of the heroes who have dedicated their lives to being fire fighters and first responders. No single day event in our life times since perhaps Pearl Harbor has had the impact on the nation and the first responder community that 9/11/2001 has. The Fire Museum of Texas has brought the exhibit “9/11 A Timeline”... Read More

Beaumont Senior News – The Fire Museum of Texas is Hosting 9/11 A Timeline Through September 30th

Today’s Beaumont Senior News features the special exhibit “9/11 A Timeline” at The Fire Museum of Texas. The exhibit faithfully chronicles the events of September 11th 2001 as they unfolded at The Pentagon, The World Trade Center, and over the Pennsylvania skies. The exhibit, on loan from The State Museum of New York, gives SETX seniors the opportunity to both pay their respects to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to get a better understanding of the fateful day. This... Read More

SETX Senior Citizen Discounts – Fast Food

Southeast Texas seniors can find some real deals when they learn where and when they are eligible for SETX senior citizen discounts. After all, we’ve lived too long to pay full price! From Burger King to Dunkin’ Donuts there are some attractive savings for our Southeast Texas seniors – enjoy. Today we are highlighting some SETX senior discounts offered by local fast food restaurants. Burger King. FREE small coffee or soda. Ages 60+  Chic-fil-A Parkdale Mall.... Read More

WATER EXERCISE Classses This Summer with BYC at ALICE KEITH Park

Save The Dates! Tuesday through Friday Starting June 11th and continuing through Labor Day with Best Years Center 11am until 12 pm Address: 4050 Reed Street, Beaumont Low Impact Aerobics Tuesday & Thursday, Led Marilyn Sylvester Water Exercises, Walk Walking, or Stretching Wednesday & Friday, Led by Joe Hayes Would you like to feel 40 years younger? When you get in the water and your own weight is not a factor you can move you joints and muscles in ways you have not... Read More

Protecting and enhancing your vision with internal sunglasses

Protecting and enhancing your vision with internal sunglasses (ARA) – As we age, the quality of our vision can change, and for most of us that entails wearing glasses, contacts or maybe even undergoing surgical procedures. But did you know that your vision can improve through nutrition and supplementation? The back of the eye contains a film called macular pigment. This film is made up of two pigments: zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan-thin) and lutein (loo-teen). These macular pigments... Read More

The Advantages of Harbor Home Health Care

You don’t have to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to know there’s no place like home! There truly is no place like home. Harbor Home Health offers Southeast Texas seniors a way to stay in their own homes. The home most seniors have lived in for decades, with all of their things surrounding them, all of their memories still in tact. Home health care allows them to remain in their home whether it’s after an injury or hospital stay, a chronic illness that requires more care... Read More

A decade of scientific breakthroughs for patients with GIST

In the past decade, some life-threatening diseases have evolved from being untreatable diseases to chronic conditions with the help of significant medical advances. Gastrointestinal stromal tumors, or GIST, are a rare and life-threatening cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. Advances in the treatment of this cancer exemplify the leaps and bounds in scientific innovation and improvements in patient care that are possible within a 10-year span. People living with a rare cancer... Read More

Southeast Texas – Supports our Soldiers

Recently,  I was driving on Highway 69 in Beaumont when a loud “ping” signaled that it was time to fill up on gas. I pulled off on Lucas and into the corner gas station. A fully uniformed soldier was standing with his military duffel. It was on my heart to go over and say something, but I first started the tedious process of gassing up my vehicle- inserting my credit card, putting in my pin, selecting the fuel type. In that short time, less than a couple of minutes, my heart... Read More

See You At The Pole Wed., Sept. 25, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012 7:15 a.m. SYATP See You At The Pole is a student lead prayer event at school/ community campuses across the world. Students take a stand for their faith by gathering around the flag pole at their campus to pray for their schools, friends, teachers, and anything that touches the lives of the youngsters today. It is a very touching opportunity that will stir your heart. SETX Seniors can support your grandchildren and the students of your local churches... Read More

Road Trip: HWY 287

Southeast Texas Senior Citizens are fortunate to have a number of wonderful activities to enjoy right here at home. Music, theater, great food, and Lamar football is just around the corner. Every few weeks though, my wife and I like to pile in the car for an old fashioned road trip. A classic road trip is just as much fun today as it was twenty years ago. Recently, we took advantage of an opportunity to get away to Dallas to visit some friends. On a warm Sunday morning, we took... Read More


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